elainPrtrtAAI began my career in the classroom as an English, Music and Theatre Arts teacher. During that time, I was frequently called upon to coach and mentor new teachers with classroom management and curriculum development skills. This resulted in my growing interest in student engagement – how to inspire children and adolescents to want to learn – to draw on their creativity and explore new ideas with enthusiasm. Their ideas only flourished when they learned how to listen.

After leaving the public school system, I was invited to work with teachers and administrators in Singapore. My challenge was to enhance their creative and critical thinking skills, expand their understanding of integrated thinking and problem-solving techniques, and increase their awareness of the importance of a collaborative process in their work environment.

And then I retired. Or so I thought. But a chance meeting at a Yoga retreat presented me with a new opportunity –  and a new career. I heard the words, “Give me a call. I think I can use your skills where I work.” So I did. And that opened the door to my new career in team building and leadership development for the corporate and public sectors.

I continue to love change and all the wonderful learning that comes as a result.