She forced me out of my comfort zone, which wasn’t easy, and now I am much more comfortable taking risks and challenging myself.
~Tara Sangster, Director of Operations Cosma Canada/USA, Global Director of Materials and Logistics, Cosma International

Elaine will not necessarily tell you what you want to hear – but she will definitely tell you what you need to know. With her passion, attention to detail, experience and – most importantly – unwavering honesty, she has helped me in ways other coaches and consultants couldn’t.
~Tom Rucker, President, Magna Powertrain

Elaine makes you look in the mirror and focus on what you need to do to become a better leader.
~Kai Jacobsen, President, Moulded Foam and Former Plastics, Woodbridge Foam Corporation

Elaine puts every effort into customizing the work and I know that a training session with her will be fun and a memorable and positive growth experience for everyone.
~Helen Ploumis, HR Director, Angus Glen

Elaine has  made a seamless transition in my life from teacher to friend to business colleague. I always look forward to her advice and counsel because she understands me and what I need to improve in order to communicate more effectively. 
-Jeremy Creed, President, Creed Nation Holdings Inc.

Elaine is able to open up people to possibility ­– to recognize that there is an alternative way to behave or react and in many cases she can convince them to give it a shot… Elaine inspires truthfulness.
Michele Cherry, Manager of Member Services, Ontario Aids Network

She has spoiled me by really listening to what our needs are and customizing her workshops accordingly.
Stacey Kapparis, Group Human Resources Manager, Magna Exteriors

She’s passionate. She’s believable. She gets results.
Jack Creed, Chef d’Equipe, CREEDNATION

Elaine can be tough. But she’s fair. She doesn’t filter her comments or smooth them over just to be nice. If you want to learn and really make strides, all you have to do is listen with an open mind. I’ve never  questioned the sincerity and veracity of every observation she makes. I can hear the years of experience and her sensitivity in everything she says. She has pushed me places I could never have gone on my own.
Joel Sears, PresidentWriteup Business Writing Coaching

Elaine’s approach should not, and thankfully cannot, be defined as traditional… She offers a true sensitivity to the needs and goals of the groups that she facilitates. She possesses an especially rare kind of intelligence when it comes to facilitation and group dynamics… She clearly recognizes that the more she offers of herself, the farther a group will go with her on a journey of learning and development. Her use of humour, real life wisdom, relevant theory, and inclusive participation results in a powerful and unforgettable experience for groups and teams.”
Shannon Thomas Ryan, Executive DirectorBlack Coalition for AIDS Prevention